Terms and Conditions of MyBRANDS MY Membership

Article 1 (MyBRANDS MY)

“MyBRANDS MY” collectively refers to the various information services and other services, such as job posting sites on the Internet and e-mail services incidental to this site provided by World Mode Malaysia (hereinafter referred to as “World Mode Malaysia” and also as “we” or “us”).

Article 2 (Membership)

  1. “Service” collectively refers to the listing of hiring information on the Internet job posting site “MyBRANDS MY” and other services offered by World Mode Malaysia.
  2. You shall be deemed to have agreed to this “Terms and Conditions of MyBRANDS MY Membership” and the “Handling of Personal Data (World Mode Malaysia)” (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Membership Terms”) at the time of membership registration. If you do not agree to any part of the Membership Terms, indication of such intent may only be done by not registering with MyBRANDS MY.

Article 3 (Membership Registration and Responsibility)

  1. If you intend to register and become a member of MyBRANDS MY, you shall do so at your own will and responsibility. You shall use MyBRANDS MY at your own will and shall bear all responsibility for the use thereof.
  2. You shall be solely responsible for the contents of the information you register with MyBRANDS
  3. You shall use MyBRANDS MY in accordance with the method notified by us.

Article 4 (Change, Deletion, etc. of Membership Registration Information)

  1. You may change, add, or delete the information registered with MyBRANDS MY at any time on MyBRANDS MY membership page; provided, however, that in the event you have applied to a recruiting company or your employment with a recruiting company had been fixed, you may only do so after a certain confirmation period has passed. Cancellation of membership or deletion of information shall be subject to the proceedings for withdrawal on My Page. In accordance with Article 22 of the PDPA, individuals may request that they correct errors or omissions for reasonable reasons relating to personal data owned by the Company or under our control.
  2. In the event your registered e-mail address becomes owned by a third party and your login status cannot be confirmed for more than 20 days after the last login date, we will be enSubtitled to delete your membership registration.
  3. Even if you do not cancel your membership or you have no intention of cancelling your membership, if you do not log in to MyBRANDS MY for one year from the last day you log in to your MyBRANDS MY membership page, we will be enSubtitled to delete your membership registration without prior notification.
  4. We will be enSubtitled to delete, without prior notification, the data exchanged between you and a recruiting company stored in MyBRANDS MY database which is older than 360 days.

Article 5 (Cash Reward)

  1. We will remit cash rewards only to those who meet MyBRANDS MY's job confirmation rules.
  2. Payment will not be made in case of false application or late application made after the due date.

Article 6 (Prohibited Acts)

  1. You shall not commit any of the following acts or any acts that may fall under any of the following.
    1. Any act that discriminates, criticizes, attacks, or slanders individuals or groups.
    2. Any act that infringes upon the intellectual property rights, such as copyrights and trademarks, privacy, reputation or image rights of others.
    3. Any act that is disadvantageous to World Mode Malaysia or a third party.
    4. Registering or notifying false information or information of others.
    5. Political activities, election campaign, religious activities or similar acts hereof.
    6. Acts such as providing information for the purpose of business activities or profit-making.
    7. Duplication, sales, or using beyond the scope of personal use information obtained through MyBRANDS MY.
    8. Obstructing the operation of MyBRANDS MY or damaging our reputation.
    9. Any act that violates law and public order and morals.
    10. Violent words and actions or similar acts.
    11. In addition to the foregoing, acts that we determine to be unrelated to job-seeking activities.
  2. We reserve the right to suspend the use of MyBRANDS MY and refuse the usage for the future with respect to those who have performed the acts stipulated in the preceding paragraph.

Article 7 (Information Provided through MyBRANDS MY)

  1. You acknowledge that we do not make any warranties of any kind pertaining to the truthfulness, legality, safety, up-to-datedness, posting deadlines, or any other matters of the information provided on MyBRANDS MY (job information, advertisements, and other information provided by third parties), and that you will use such information at your own responsibility.
  2. We do not make any warranties that the provision of MyBRANDS MY is fail-free, the information obtained through MyBRANDS MY is accurate, or that MyBRANDS MY and the products, services, information, etc. obtained through MyBRANDS MY will meet your expectations.

Article 8 (Disclaimer)

  1. With regard to damages you incur by using MyBRANDS MY (including provision of information by us or a third party in connection with using MyBRANDS MY), we only assume responsibility for normal damages directly and actually incurred regardless of the cause.
  2. You are responsible for your use of the Service, and World Mode Malaysia for any damages, including but not limited to damages, disposal or other risks caused by unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, tampering, damage to computer systems, loss of data, computer virus, hacking, you incur by using the Service (including provision of information by us or third parties) in cases we have taken objectively reasonable measures.
  3. We do not warrant that the data registered with MyBRANDS MY will not be erased or modified. You should save necessary data at your own responsibility.

Article 9 (Responsibility to Third Parties)

Any disputes or damages you incurred with respect to a third party through the use of MyBRANDS MY will be resolved at your own responsibility and we shall not be liable or intervene in any way.

Article 10 (Contact from Recruiting Companies, etc.)

You accept that you may receive various communications from the recruiting company, etc. based on your registered information and activity information.

Article 11 (Handling of Personal Data)

Please refer to "Handling of Personal Data (World Mode Malaysia)" for the handling of your personal data as defined under section 2(1) of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012) (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”) at MyBRANDS MY.

Article 12 (Use of Information)

  1. We will use information other than your Personal Data (for example, information you registered by using MyBRANDS MY and information such as the usage history of MyBRANDS MY) without any restriction, and you approve such use in advance. The period of use of such information may continue even after you cease to be our member.

Article 13 (Copyright and Use of Information Provided)

  1. All copyrights to the contents posted on MyBRANDS MY (including photographs, videos, illustrations, etc. The same applies hereinafter.) belong to us except for contents provided by the recruiting companies.
  2. We will make secondary use of the information provided to MyBRANDS MY (excluding personally identifiable information) and all contents that we create from it for materials that we edit, issue, release, etc. The copyrights to the products created by this secondary use will belong to us.

Article 14 (Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces)

  1. You guarantee that you currently are not and will not in the future become an organized crime group, a member of an organized crime group, a person for whom five years have not elapsed from the time he/she ceased to be a member of an organized crime group, a quasi-member of an organized crime group, a corporation affiliated with organized crime groups, a “sokaiya” (corporate racketeer), etc., a group engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns, organized crime syndicates, etc., or other persons equivalent thereto (hereinafter referred to as “Anti-Social Forces”), and that you do not fall under any of the following categories:
    1. To be in a relationship in which Anti-Social Forces have control over your business.
    2. To be in a relationship in which Anti-Social Forces is substantially involved in your business.
    3. To be in a relationship in which you provide funds or improper benefits to Anti-Social Forces.
    4. To be in a relationship that is found to be unjustifiably using Anti-Social Forces for the purpose of bringing illicit profits to yourself, your company or a third party, or inflicting damages on a third party.
    5. Officers or persons who are substantially involved in your management is in a relationship which shall be socially condemned with Anti-Social Forces.
  2. You guarantee that you will not conduct any of the following acts yourself or through a third party.
    1. Unjust demands beyond legal responsibility.
    2. Violent demands.
    3. Acts that use threatening acts and words, or violence.
    4. Acts of damaging the reputation of iDA or recruiting companies, etc. by spreading rumors, using fraudulent means or force, or obstructing the business of iDA or recruiting companies, etc.
    5. Other acts equivalent to those set forth in the preceding items.

Article 15 (Expulsion)

In the event we determine that you have violated the Membership Terms, we may take all measures we deem appropriate, such as discontinuing your use of all or a part of the membership services or your expulsion without prior notification. In addition, we will not respond to any inquiries regarding your expulsion or other measures taken.

Article 16 (Compensation for Damages)

In the event you breach these Terms and Conditions cause damage to us, you will be liable to compensate us for any and all damages.

Article 17 (Change of Service, etc.)

  1. We may change or suspend the Service without prior notification.
  2. We will be enSubtitled to terminate the provision of the whole Service upon one-month prior notice.

Article 18 (Changes to the Terms and Conditions)

We may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The contents of the change shall be deemed to have been approved by you immediately upon publishing on MyBRANDS MY.

Supplementary Provisions

These Terms and Conditions will become effective as of June 15, 2015.